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My Visit to Colorado Springs

The American Numismatic Association (ANA) holds its annual Summer Seminar the last two weeks of June. Coin collectors from around the country and the world attend the workshops that teach topics from grading to counterfeit detection to how to run a coin shop.

This year I was fortunate enough to attend the Detection of Counterfeit and Altered Coins seminar. Brian Silliman and Jim Robinson taught the class with help from Sam.

There was a lot of information to digest but the best piece of advice was "if you don't like the coin just walk away."

Another benefit of attending the Summer Seminar is access to the ANA museum which houses the Harry W. Bass gallery. Harry W. Bass, Jr. was able to collect a complete set of U.S. gold coins by type from 1795 tom1933. Also on display were many rare pattern coins.

The musueum also had a special seasonal display entitled "Trenches to Treaties: World War I in Remembrance."

If you have a chance to visit the ANA museum in Colorado Springs, Colorado you should make the effort.

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